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Thursday, August 11, 2011

I am thankful

I decided last December to mark my months differently this year. Since this is 2011, I have been marking the 11 of ever month. I try to take time on this day every month to breath deeper and just pause.

I have also tried to write down or take pictures of things I am thankful for. Here is this month's list.

I am thankful for the job I have and the job Carl has. I am very thankful that I don't have his job. I have been able to go on a few trips with him this summer and I was worn out and Carl just kept on going. Whew

I am thankful for electricity. When Andrew started his field work in the power industry, he was instructed to wear only cotton because if he gets burned the cotton is better for his cute little body than polyester. Really, Really- I could have lived my whole life without that knowledge. Andrew is dressed for work in cotton and covered in his mama's prayers for his safety. A man died a few days ago in the line of work that Andrew does. He left a wife and children. When you flip a switch today, pray for all the men and women that are working so that you have that ability and ask God to protect them. You can pray for Andrew too!

I am thankful for a long to-do list. meals to cook, scrapbooks to make, schedules to keep track of, friends to visit with, laundry to fold, prayers to be said, windows to be looked out of, sons to talk to as they drive from one meeting to another...

I am thankful for those that are gifted in areas that I am not. I have known this for awhile but I am ready to reveal that I missed getting the housekeeping gene when I got my DNA. I have read books on it and made lots of lists but I just don't get it. With my back injury I have been instructed to not sweep or vacuum - not that that was happening around here anyway! Heather and Sandy bless my life with their love of cleaning and laugher along the way. We all say "AHHH, Heather was here today!" or "Super Sandy sure made this beautiful"

I am thankful for rain.

I am thankful for my cel phone. I love having the four square app, I love the camera, I love that I can text and chat at the same time, I love the I can check my email and twitter from my phone.

I am thankful for Wade and Majel. They are my wonderful handymen. I am getting a few rooms painted in our house by them. Wade came last night and painted the ceilings. He ate supper with us and we had a laughing good time. His only draw back is that he is a BIG hog fan :) I'll post pictures soon!

I am thankful for Carl and all the furniture he moved for the above thankfulness to happen. I really thought we would have a piano next to the kitchen table which would be next to the hide-a-bed but we don't. I still have room for folks to stay the night even.

I am thankful for the joy Kaitlin brings to life. She recently had a team building meeting with about 60 work colleagues. They had to have their pictures made by groups that work together. Kaitlin pulled her group together and suggested that their group jump. They all agreed. When the BIG Boss got ready to take their picture, Kaitlin asked her to count to three, she did and then they jumped. BIG Boss loved it!!!

I am thankful for the new little life that Marisa is carrying. How exciting is that!

I am thankful for good books. I will blog some new ones soon. I only have 25 check out now!

I hope you have a thankfulness day each month!

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