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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I got that crystal football!

WAR EAGLEIt has already started. We have not even had the first football game and several fans from not the AUBURN TIGERS have already started in on me.

I hear things like you know that "we" will beat you this year. ( I want to say "we"???? Did you suit up?? but that is another fight for another day) or they start in on Cam Newton or how AUBURN isn't going to win very many games this year at all.... Blah Blah Blah Blah

Andrew gave me my answer and it has worked quite well, so you may use it too, if you need too.

Let them do all their talking and then when they stop to take a breath, calmly tell them you can't understand them because you have a crystal football in your ear. So far it has worked every time. They usually smile and are speechless and we go onto another subject.

If those same folks, and I have no doubt they will, come back to me, if perhaps AUBURN doesn't beat their team, my second answer is that I will cry myself to sleep that night on my National Championship Sheets! If they are really rude then I'll tell them that I have 3 Heisman Trophy pillow cases!!

Kaitlin was at Panera the other morning and she saw a man in an UnderAmour AUBURN shirt. She stopped by his chair and gave him a cheery WAR EAGLE, He greeted her with his WAR EAGLE and then a lady in a booth that was close to them gave them both a WAR EAGLE. They both shared their stories about how the fans of a certain state have already started in with the smack talk. Kaitlin gave them the above answers to those smack talkers, they both laughed and thanked her profusely.

If you have any smack talkers that come your way, please use the above if you need to!

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