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Monday, December 5, 2011

Carl works with wonderful people!

Kaitlin getting a lesson on how to spread masa
 Carl has a co worker, Angelica, who is from San Antonio, TX.  She grew up in a large family and every year between Thanksgiving and Christmas they would set aside a day to make home tamales.   When she and her husband moved to our city she missed her home made tamales.  So she started the tradition here in 2007.  Since her large family isn't here they invite friends, family and coworkers and we all become family.  Carl, Kaitlin, Robert and I got to participate this year.  What a wonderful experience!

In 2007 they made 26 dozen, in 2008- 42, in 2009- 72, 2010- 91 and in 2011- drum roll please-----1222 total or 101 dozen!
Robert spreading masa
 On the table above from left to right is a bowl of chicken, a bowl of masa, corn husks ready for masa, corn husks with masa and Carl getting more masa to add to another husk.

First you add masa to a husk then meat is added and it is folded and put in a pan.
Nicki, who is seated to Kaitlin's left, could add masa to a husk with one sweep of a spreader.  It was like a ballet move.
At the table about five folks at putting masa on a husk while three take that same husk and add meat to it.
 These folks step in to hand more meat, pull up sleeves, get water for the folks at the table, wash dishes, and laugh at all the jokes.
 After a large metal pan is full of tamales then Angelica takes them and steams them on the stove.
our wonderful hostess!

pots with tamale steaming, sauce and meat is cooking

 Tamales are made in rounds, somewhat.  When a pan of meat is ready then the tamale making begins and that round ends when that meat has all be used.  At the end of every round, you bring all your utensils to the sink and they get washed.  You also wash your hands and rest.
 Here are Keith and Barbara.  Keith has very clean hands and he is ready for his turn at making tamales.
Keith took this very artistic picture of Barbara and me!

Kaitlin and Angelica at the snack table.  I was glad Angelica got to sit down for a minute because she was in constant motion the rest of the time.

We all had such a laughing good time.  We came home with some wonderful tamales.  We look forward to the laughing good time next year.  Thank you Angelica for such a wonderful tradition!!!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the wonderful pics of our Tamale Making Party! I am so glad you and your family joined us this year. I was so much fun having you guys. Hope you enjoy eating your Tamales! Angelica

Kathy B said...

That's so awesome! Thanks for posting about it so I could vicariously enjoy it too. :-)


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