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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Table for 12

 I am blest to be a part of a wonderful church!  The ladies in the church are truly my friends.  One activity that we do to promote fellowship is called Table for 4.  4 ladies meet once a month for 4 months.  I love doing this and I have had the best time with all my groups.  This time around I am in a group with Ashley, Jill and Sandy.  They are all 'includers'- meaning that they feel like instead of just us four, let's add some more!!!!  Sandy had the first meeting at her house and included others.  Here is our picture with the pumpkins we painted.  Also in our group is Sandy's daughter, Abbey.

 So when the second one was at my house I knew what my mission was- include, include, include.  The other ladies did this too.  We each invited folks!  So we had a table for 8!  Did we have fun or what???
 Cheryl, Stephanie, Kaitlin and Mandy joined our dinner party and added so much.  We made turkeys out of pretty scrapbook paper.
Don't you like the features on my camera that does three shots with the self timer?

This month is an ornament exchange.  Ashley's in charge.  Would you like to join us???  We'd love to have you!!  Just ask one of us when and where.  Hope to see you there!

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