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Monday, December 12, 2011

Do you like to bake?

So I have been baking.  I usually make a list of all I want to bake and then I go through all the recipes to see if we have all the ingredients that we will need to bake.  After I have my list I go shopping.  Since I like to bake, I normally keep 'usual' baking goods around so that means that when I am shopping I don't hesitate to grab an extra pound of butter or bag of chocolate chips.  Well.. it seems this year I have been grabbing parchment paper, really.  Parchment paper!  What do I plan to do with this?  I know that I can line my cookie sheets with parchment paper but 7 boxes of it???  How many cookies do I think I plan to make??

KimT and Andrew I think I need a parchment paper intervention!

If any of you see me at Walmart or Kroger and I have parchment paper in my basket, you have my permission to just take it out and walk away.  I may protest but I will realize that you have my best interest at heart.

I am practicing now, Just say No to parchment paper, Just say No to parchment paper, Just say No to parchment paper...


Anonymous said...

Nut crescents. Lots and lots of nut crescents. The video will help you. (I can't remember if I mention it in the video, but the recipe is from Jackie Hines, my neighbor in St. Louis.)

Kathy B said...

Actually, quilters and sewers sometimes use it for pattern making/tracing paper so you might be able to unload some of it on your local stitch ladies. In the mean time, happy baking! :D


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