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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Good Time, Party Time- headed to Savannah Time!

 Carl, Kaitlin and I got up early one Sunday and headed to Savannah to see Andrew and Taylor.  I can't make the 14 hour trip in one day so we try to pick a new spot to stay with every trip.

We got to go through AUBURN on this trip.  I love AUBURN.  I even have it on my retirement list for Carl and I to spend a month there.  Not sure if I want to spend a month there during football season or maybe basketball/baseball season.  I love planning!

 We got to see the new statues of the Heisman winners!

 We saw lots of folks trying to take down the statue of Cam.  It made us laugh.

I have this handy dandy feature on my camera that takes 3 shots in a row with the self timer.  Usually we take the first one 'normal'- well, normal for us, then we go for a little personality!  Carl didn't get the memo about what we do on shots two and three.  He was holding his phone loosely and after the first shot, well, the phone went flying with our enthusiasm. Here is Carl trying to locate the phone.  Phone is fine, just for the record! 
 Usually we wave at Uncle John when we get to Toomer's Corner.  They have a web cam here.  Since he was busy we took a picture for him.  We all waved as we took the picture, good thing not a lot of folks were around!
I believe in AUBURN and I love it.
Tomorrow Savannah...

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