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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Summer Goals/ bucket list

I have been in the process of making my summer to-do list.  I was inspired by Kaitlin, who has already made hers, plus she has a few things she wants me to put on mine!

Today I read this post and got fired up!  Incourage blog- summer bucket list

I like bucket list better!

Here's mine
-blog about the books I have been reading, several of you have asked and I am sorry it has taken me so long
-make biscuits three times, I figure that I might mess up the first time, second time will be better and by the third time, I'll have it done so I can repeat it without too much thought, maybe?
-I have 7 friends turning either 50 or 60 this year, I plan to mail or give them a special treat. My goal is to do it this summer, I figure you are 50 or 60 all year why just celebrate the day?!?
-work 8 hours cleaning, throwing away, organizing, getting tired but not giving up in my wreck room
-work 60 hours on scrapbooking, I need to finished Kaitlin's graduation, finish John and Marisa's wedding, catch up with my Project Life for 2012, finish Andrew and Taylor's trip out west, done!!!!
-finish my counted cross-stitch piece
-fast from TV, I want to sit down to watch a show not just mindlessly veg in front of TV, hopefully this will free up the time to clean, scrap and sew

-plus I plan to read, visit with friends, travel abit, and laugh.

What's on your summer bucket list???

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