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Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Baptism of my first Grandson!

 Three generations that have worn this gown.
 The beautiful family with Bubbles.
Four generations.  Pastor Tim shared that often in the Bible, God uses families to spread the Gospel.  He shared that he thought it was neat that four generations were at this baptism showing this example.

 I love that Atticus got his little, darling, foot out.
Our family

We usually sit on the right side of the church on the third pew. Because of the baptism we sat with all the family on the left side.  We did ask Pastor Tim if he could handle seeing us sit on the 'other' side.  He was teasingly unsure.  We were able to get some photos on the down low.  The is always an elder that stands up with family.  Carl got that honor.  I would call him by his grandfather name but we have not idea what that is?!?

During the baptism when Pastor Tim was talking to John and Marisa, Atticus began cooing at him.  It made Tim pause and smile.  Very precious.

 Pastor Tim always kisses the babies after they are baptized.

Marisa's family
It was a beautiful service.  I hope to often remind Atticus of the faith of his parents in bringing him to be baptized.  It is our prayer that Atticus doesn't know a day that Jesus isn't his Lord and Saviour.

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