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Monday, July 23, 2012

craftcation # 27?

 About 8 years ago Carl and John went on a 15 day Scout outing.  Kaitlin and I pushed back all the furniture, set up lots of tables in several rooms and invited over friends to craft.  That time we were only doing scrapbooking.  We scrapbooked and laughed and laughed.  One husband called a few times to check on his wife.  He couldn't believe that she could scrapbook for 12 hours but we sure did!!  I shall leave him nameless because many of you know him :)

I think that was our first craftcation.  It is so much fun to set aside a few days to just craft.  Last Friday we had a craftcation with Bri and Callie.  Kaitlin and Bri did well for only having about 3 hours sleep since they saw the new batman movie at midnight.  Our day started with new Toms for everyone!
Callie brought several crafts with her for the day.  Here she is putting her wedding photos in an album.
Lots of markers are involved with decorating Toms.
Here is the beginning of painting on pillowcases with bleach pins.
Bri's Toms

Callie's Toms

Kaitlin's Toms

Callie also worked on a tee shirt quilt.
 The group that was here for supper! We had roast, potatoes, carrots, onions and squash in the crock pot so  we wouldn't have to stop and cook.

I think Matt's face is my favorite.  He just smiles with all the craziness going on all around him!

We had a great time!!  We laughed so much and that means it was a wonderful day!!

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