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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A wonderful legacy

Atticus was baptized on June 24th.  It was beautiful.  He wore the same gown that 3 of my 4 brother's wore and so did I.  My brother, Charles, didn't wear it because he and I were baptized at the same time.  Andrew, Kaitlin and John wore it and now we are onto the next generation.

My sweet mama made this gown by hand.  She made it for my oldest brother.  If he were living he would have been 61 on June 21st.  The gown has no buttons, Mother used little gold safety pins to hold it together.  That is what we still use.

I felt like my mother as I ironed the gown and the slip.  I so wished she were still living so I could have asked her if she ever dreamed that her great-grandson would one day be wearing the gown she made.  She would have loved seeing Atticus in the gown as he got baptized.  What a wonderful tradition she left us.  There are several things of my mother's that I let get away from me during her estate sale.  Instead of being sad I try to remember all that we do have, like this gown and the story behind it.

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