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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Labor Day, Laughing and Great Fellowship!

We had a great time over Labor Day in Birmingham.  Saturday I spent with my brother, John and his wife, Elaine.  Kaitlin, Jennifer and Taylor took Jennifer's three daughters to the McWane Center that is downtown while all the rest of our boys were at the AUBURN game in Atlanta.  Lots of laughing, visiting, and more laughing.  Saturday evening my nephew, Charlie, and his wife, Sarah, and their children came for a visit.

My brother, Charles, and his wife, Frances, also came over for supper.

Charles and I had a good conversation about friends and folks we enjoyed being with.  Charles pointed out on Monday at The Color Run, in the pouring rain, no one in our group was mad.  We just laughed and had a good time no matter what.  What a blessing that is!

In fact, we laughed and had a good time all weekend long!!

Elliana needed to get in the photo of the guys getting ready to go to the game!

Katherine meeting Katherine.  We got to meet Jennifer's newest daughter who is 5 months old.

At the McWane Center.  The two K's.

Taylor and Emma

Elli and Diego

Sarah is taking a picture of Violet and me.  Her picture is further down.

Elli telling Andrew all her problems

These next three pictures are my favorites!!!

Carl and Elliana and their happy faces.

Carl and Elliana and their silly faces
Violet loves sunglasses and needed me to wear a pair with her.

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