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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Saying Hello and Goodbye

September 8 was a big party day here at the Funroes!  Kaitlin, Bri and Jill fixed lots of yummy food and we ate and ate and ate and watched football.  Robert brought Rachel home for us to visit with too.  I was still in my post surgery la la land so I just have a few pictures, I am amazed that I have any!!  

Jill fixed chocolate chip cookies and she used avocado in place of the butter.  They were great. I kept telling folks that she used guacamole!!!  Jill would just smile and say "She means avocado." Oh, well. 

This is Mississippi sin dip- not sure what's in it but it was yummy!

Here is a pictures of the cookies

Kaitlin did lots of cooking

Carl did some work while he helped cook too.

Sweet Jill was a great addition to our family.  I will claim her as a daughter any time!!  She moved in with another family a week ago.  They are in for a wonderful blessing.  We plan to meet once a week for supper and a good visit.  She has a craft day planned over here too.  We miss her very much.

We helped her with few loads and to get settled into her new home.

We wonder who God will move into our house next?!?

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