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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Wedding fun captured in photos

 Carl, Kaitlin and I recently drove to Wisconsin for a family wedding.  We are blest with lots of wonderful family.

Carl snapped this picture of Violet, she is our great niece, as she came down the aisle.  She saw that Uncle Carl had a camera on her and she stopped and gave him a pose.

The beautiful bride, Rachel and groom, Robert.

The grooms family

 Here is the groom, Robert, with his new bride, Rachel, and his brothers, Charlie, Alex and William and sister, Barbara.
Kaitlin and Violet always have fun together.
 Robert is singing Tied To The Whipping Post.
 Lots of dancing was done at the reception.  The disco ball added to the fun.  Lots of dancing was done by Kaitlin, Meredith, Thomas, Alan, Sarah, William, Alicia and lots of the other guests.

love the tie of the man's head

Violet and Ezra were dancing fools!  We loved watching them.

how low can you go?

Alan, Kaitlin and Alex are the 85's.  They were all born that year.

lots of cousins.  I have no idea what William is doing?
 One of the many things I love about family gatherings is the visiting.  I am blest with wonderful relationships with my nieces.  We laugh, share book titles, talk about life and then laugh some more.  Here I am with Alicia. What a blessing she is to me!!

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