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Friday, June 7, 2013

Pens, Pens, Pens

I got a new desk for my birthday/Mother's day. My new desk has drawers!! My old desk was a table that I sat at to write, pay bills, scrapbook, and use my computer. Because it had no drawers the only place to put anything was on top. Sometimes I had a very small window to view the world from because of the piles were so tall.
Now I am going through all the piles and throwing lots away and filing the stuff I want to keep.  In this process I made a personal discovery.  I am a pen hoarder.  I mean I knew I loved pens and I will have to say that I do use most of these very often but even I was amazed at the extent of my pen collection.  I love fine and medium point. I love different colors because when I write a list of any kind, I always write with several colors.  I love ball point, sharpies, and flairs.

You will happy to know that I did go through the pile below and there were 5 pens I didn't want.  Progress, slow and steady!

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