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Saturday, June 15, 2013

VBS 2013

 I love VBS and I have loved it since I was a little girl and went with my friend, Janet Nickols.  She went to VBS at the First Baptist church near our house.  I don't remember much except that we made stuff with dry macaroni and it was fun.

This year I was in charge of the worker snacks- I prefer that to saying Adult Snacks which sounds like I am fixing drinks that are shaken not stirred!

We are blest with lots of wonderful cooks and very generous folks in our church that shared much with us.  We had everything from dates and blue cheese rolled in bacon to Pimento Cheese from a local Deli.  We They ate well all week.

I made one dish that we jokingly call Crack.  It is that addicting!  Easy Peasy.  8 oz cream cheese, can of rotel, pound of sausage.  Brown sausage and drain it, place it in an oven proof pan. Add cream cheese and rotel. heat thru so that the cheese is melted and mix everything well.  Serve with Frito Lay's scoups.  This is easy to double or triple.  It goes fast.

This wonderful picture is of the best church secretary in the world, Peggy and her darling granddaughter, Jasmine.
 Here are two of Kaitlin's favorite folks, Grace and Alaina.  Can you tell they are sisters?
Here are some more of our favorite sisters!  So precious!
 These two pregnant ladies worked hard in the nursery this week.  Kaelyn, on the right, had her baby early Friday morning!
 We were blest with lots of visitors!
 I love the look on Anna's face.  She is the girl in the middle.
 These two sweethearts are proud AUBURN fans.  We are a small but supportive group!
 This doll is the daughter of two good friends, Ben and Janaye.
 The ladies in charge of crafts!
 This is the opening ceremonies.
These two fine fellows are both named Atticus.  How fun is that!

We were blest with a great group this year of students and teachers.  We had 106 students on Monday with 26 that just walked up because of our sign.  Anne and Heather took the 5/6 graders off sight and they had at least 15 and many days even more.  Let us continue to pray for the Word of God that will not return void and the lives that were touched this week.

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