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Monday, July 15, 2013

Cousins, cousins and Camp Monroe Vacation Part IV

 On Saturday the 29 we got up and went to breakfast at a place in town that Carl found.  It was outstanding and I highly recommend it.  Doesn't my breakfast look yummy??

 For lunch we headed to the Monroe family reunion at ... Camp Monroe
 Carl and his brother, Raymond, helped with some of the food preparation.  Their cousin, Fud, prepared all the food and it was good, southern and yummy.
 Here I am with Carl's cousin, Becky!
 Here is cousin Eva Ruth giving us details about lunch.  Eva and I had grandsons born the same week and year.  What a fun bond to have with her!
 Here is the circle that was formed to say the blessing for lunch.
 Camp Monroe is in Scotland county so named because of the great concentration of Scots that settled here.  Lots of Presbyterians here too!
 Kaitlin has a cousin named Kaitlin Monroe- isn't that cool???  The other Kaitlin couldn't be at the reunion this year but her mama was.  Here is a picture of Kaitlin with Kaitlin's mother.
 Eva gave a tour of the camp.  Here is a cabin.  They are made out of cyprus trees from the camp.  Carl attended camp here one summer.
 Here is Lake Andrew at the camp.
 After our great visit at the camp we came back to our motel.  Grandma and 5 of her 6 children and families stayed at the same motel.  We took over the pool went swimming that afternoon.  The cousins plus an Uncle or two did a few tricks in the pool.  I believe I see a few non-Monroe legs in this picture too.  We are an inclusive group!
 Here is our jumping in the pool picture!
 We had a few chicken fights!
 Here we are with Andrew and Taylor.  They joined us on Saturday.  It was great to see them.
We had a great vacation!  We are blest with a great family.  I am glad to be home but I am sure I'll be ready for the next reunion.

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