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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

phone photo apps that I love and you will too!

I need to tell you about a few things that I have found that I am so enjoying!!!

Mpix is a photo processing site.  I use them along side of shutterfly and snapfish but a new feature that mpix has that has made life so wonderful is they have an iphone app that I can download my iphone photos right to from my phone.  The photos cost .29.  They even print the photos that I use apps to write on them.  I am working on my Project Life scrapbook and being able to order my phone photos this way has been wonderful!!!

Speaking of apps----  I am taking an online phone photo class and in addition to the insight on how to take better pictures, new apps are introduced each day.  I am loving that part even more!!!  Here is a list of apps that you might like to investigate.  Some are free, some not.

In no particular order

A Beautiful Mess
Magic Hour
Self timer camera
DBLCAM--- this app is one that allows you to take pictures with both cameras on your phone/front and back

I have had so much fun playing with these!!

The class I am taking is a Big Picture Class. Look them up, you may find a class that you would enjoy too. I plan to take more in the future.

I am working on a new picture using the app Over!  I'll up load it soon!

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