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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Vacation. Part II. Cheerwine and Sunrise and Cousins

We drove through Atlanta and missed any slowdowns that were projected for that day- what a blessing.
We had to stop for petrol and to 'powder our noses' and Kaitlin found it.  Her soda that means we are close to the beach.  Let the Cheerwine drinking begin!  She shared her love of it with lots of family during the week.
Oh yes!  Kaitlin checked into the motel with an app called Foursquare and we got upgraded to a suite.  Oh my!  Above is Kaitlin sitting on our sofa in our living room.  It was awesome.
I love this picture of Alex and me.  Because on this vacation we laughed and laughed and then laughed some more.
 This was my view for most of the week.  My way to do a beach vacation is on a comfy chair under an umbrella.  The temperatures this week were lower than normal and that was so refreshing.  I put my toes in a few times every day.
 This picture also tells lots about our week.  Here is Carl and William sharing apps for the Ipad and I phone.  We also talked about books, work, food and plans for the future.  Our family reunion reminds me of a seminar of sorts because so much sharing goes on.  I came home with web sites to check out, knowledge of their future plans, and books on my TBR list.
 Alicia and Kaitlin shared lots of hairdo time!
 William and Alicia asked us to come down to their house one morning at 530 to watch the sunrise.  It was not a breathtaking one but the fellowship and laughing was!
 Our Sunrise group!  Charlie and Sarah joined us too!
 Lots of jumping happened!  Kaitlin, Alan and Tanner.
 Lots of time out in the water.

 The last picture is the view from our room.  I looked at it every chance I could!

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