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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Vacation 2013- part 1

Carl, Kaitlin and I headed out for our family vacation early one Friday morning.  Our goal was to eat breakfast in West Memphis at our maybe my favorite vacation restaurant- Cracker Barrel!  It was a beautiful morning as we crossed the Arkansas river.
Kaitlin loves road trips especially when she has the entire back of the van to herself!  Cracker Barrel was wonderful!
Aunt Elaine loves all things Disney.  We got some Minnie Toms for her.
Carl and I sleep in the bed that was mine when I was a little girl.  It is in the AUBURN room at Uncle John and Aunt Elaine's house.  It is near Uncle John's desk.  Sometimes his desk spills over onto the bed.  He said that I was cutting it close by only giving him a month to clean off the desk bed. We all laughed about that! Here is the cleaned off bed.
 We ate supper at a favorite restaurant of UJ and AE.  Wonderful BBQ.  Uncle Charles and Aunt Frances were also able to join us.  We laughed and shared stories.

I have no pictures of UJ and AE's cats because they are fraidy cats.  We just saw fur streaks running through the house a few times.
I wish I could have a smell-a-gram so you could enjoy this gardenia bush.  It was wonderful!
We shared breakfast together at Gabriel's in Marietta.  Jonny Gabriel is Paula Dean's cousin.  The food was very good and we got a dozen cookies for the road and they were outstanding.  Mrs. Gabriel was walking around and asked us how our food was.  I got my picture made with her.  If you are in Marietta, I highly recommend a stop here.

My brothers and me

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