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Monday, July 8, 2013

Jennifer got married!

 Here is the ceremony site.  It is a wonderful venue.  Here we are at the rehearsal.

Eli, who played at John and Marisa's wedding, played for Jennifer and Kyle.
Here are the wonderful aisle that John took a picture of for yesterdays blog.
After we ate supper we had dessert back at the Loft.  Kyle and Jennifer thanked us for coming.  We still had time for some Jennifer/ Kaitlin silliness!
Early on Saturday morning we arrived at Marisa's for her to do Kaitlin's makeup.
Carl and I enjoyed the time with Mr Wonderful.  He squealed when he saw us at his front door.
We were Jenn's taxi for the day.  First stop was to get her makeup done.
Then back to the house for hair.  Our friend, Brittany was the hairdresser.  She did an amazing job.
Sweet, sweet Carl brought work to do as he waited for his next taxi assignment.
Her beautiful dress!
Kaitlin's sweet hair dresser, Brittany.
Here are the wonderful bridesmaids, Kaitlin, Lindsey, Brittany and Rachel, getting the dress ready to put it on Jennifer.  I am sorry that I don't have a video of that process.  It was very funny.  Jennifer didn't want to mess up her hair or makeup and these ladies got that dress on her without messing up either.  There was lots of laughter, talk about swimming up into the dress and still more laughter.  It was  a pleasure to be involved in a wedding when all the bridesmaids had the same main goal and that was to help Jennifer.  They did it all day long.  Well done ladies, well done!!!
Here is the happy and beautiful bride.
We took lots of photos!

As sweet Carl drove us around, here is what the back seat held.  The lovely bride, Kaitlin and Rachel.
Here was a sneak peak of their first moment.
here are the bridesmaids looking on
Carl snapped some photos as the photographer staged them.
After some outdoor pictures, we headed to the state capitol

Here is a photo I snapped during the ceremony.  It was beautiful! Happy Happy Married Life to Kyle and Jennifer.  Here's to you!!!!

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