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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

A Day of Thanksgiving!

 A few weeks ago I decided that I needed, wanted, Had To Have turkey and the fixings before November 28th.  Sweet Carl had me pick a day and then he cook a turkey breast in the oven and we cooked the rest.  He will crank up the Big Green Egg for the 28th.  Kaitlin, Beth and Taylor helped with the potatoes, sweet potatoes, dressing, green bean casserole, bread and the beverages.  I made pecan pie and pumpkin dump cake the day before.  What a feast!!! John, Marisa, Atticus, Kaelyn and Noelle joined us about 3 and Kelsey came after work.  Kelsey, I am sorry we didn't get you in a picture!!!!  Next time!
 Beth is in her last year of PT school.  Carl missed a step at work and twisted his ankle.  Beth checked out his ankle. In the picture above she is evaluating Robert's shoulder pain.  What a handy addition to our family.  Plus Beth loves to laugh so she fits right in with the Funroes!

The camera, a tripod and the timer!  First somewhat normal
 Then the craziness for the left side of the picture
 Beth told us to put our hands under our chins- do you see Beth doing it?????
 Now you see Beth doing it!!!!  Even Robert!
 The rest of our group sans Kelsey
 I never had a child lay on their tummy and look at toys like Mr Wonderful does.  Curiouser and Curiouser.
 How do you get to know your grandson?  You get on his level and play.  What a great Gpapa!
 Atticus loves the holding of the hands as we say the Blessing.  This day he could not be parted from his vehicles but he willingly held up his arms.  I caught a picture of him looking up at Gpapa as he prayed.  Here is this blest fellow standing between the two men he loves the most, his daddy and his Gpapa.
On Sunday morning for breakfast I had my first, of the season, turkey sandwich with leftover turkey and cranberry sauce.  Yum!!!

I am thankful for good food, friends, family, and a day spent together.

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