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Monday, November 11, 2013

LindaG, WWI and soccer!

 On this Veterans Day I would like to recommend to you all to go to the World War I museum in Kansas City, MO.  It is outstanding and would rank in the top 5 of museums we have seen ever.  It sparked an interest in WWI and I am gathering my TBR list on this subject.

Above is my dear friend, LindaG.  We have been friends for 34 years.  Our husbands worked together that many years ago when we both lived in St Louis.  Andrew wanted to go with us to a soccer game in KC in October.  Carl and Andrew made that happen.  I texted Linda, who lives in the area, and she was able to spend part of the day with us.

We started our day at the WWI museum.
 Lots of poppies!  Inside the museum you can listen to poems written during the Great War. In Flanders Fields was written by Lieut-Col John McCrae as he looked out and saw the poppies on the battlefield.  One docent said that they believe that a chemical from the ammunition provided fertilizer and the poppies grew as a result of that.  Andrew recently read an article that said that the European soccer teams will wear a single poppy on their uniforms in honor of today.
 One of my favorite exhibits was a HUGE timeline of the war.  The war started in 1914 but the US did not enter until 1917.  The timeline gave month by month info on the war and at the bottom it told what was going on in the US at that time too.

 Here we are at the soccer stadium in KC, Kansas.
 We had great seats.  We were on the second row at midfield.  It was very patriotic, lots of red, white and blue.
 A man about 5 folks down from us was hit with a soccer ball!

 I don't know much about soccer but all those around me including Andrew knew all the names of the US players and were cheering them on by name.  The man in front of us turned around when the game started and got on to me for sitting down during the game.  I smiled and told him that my son wanted me at this game and I was here for him and that was my goal for the game.  The man and his wife sat for most of the game so I could see.  They were to first to high five Andrew when USA scored.
 USA beat Jamaica 2-0.  The young man who scored the first goal was from Kansas City.  When he scored...THE CROWD WENT WILD.  There were 18,000 folks at this game which is small compared to the American football games that have 80,000.  The crowd was electric.  So much fun!  Thank you Andrew and Carl!
 We went back to the museum on Saturday morning.

My grandfather was stationed in Paris when Sergeant York brought the German POWs there.  If you don't know who Sergeant York is and haven't seen the movie Sergeant York stop reading this and go rent it.  Great movie.  Sergeant York was on the set when the movie was made. You will be encouraged.  You are welcome!
 Carl and Andrew went to the top of the monument. Carl took this picture of me. That's me sitting on the bench.
 What a great trip with these two guys.
The reason Veteran's Day is celebrated today is this is the anniversary of the end of WWI.  The treaty was signed on 11/11/1918 at the 11 hour.  At the 11 hour today, a wreath will be placed on the tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

Remember go watch Sergeant York!

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