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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Camp Gpapa, Bubbles and Fairest

Last Friday I dropped John and Marisa off at the airport for their trip to St Louis.  It was Marisa's first flight.  The landings weren't her favorite but she enjoyed the flights overall.

That was also the first day of Camp GBF- Gpapa, Bubbles and Fairest.  We were honored to have the privilege to take care of Mr Wonderful!!  We all had a blast.  He is 19 months old which is a fun, fun age.  He loves outdoors.  We tried to get out for several hours every day.
He loved having Fairest play cars with him.
More outside time.  This time we have Gpapa.  Mr W loved the sound of the rake on the driveway.  He would laugh out loud. Here he has a digger that he would try to capture a leaf on and move to a different location.
Gel gems were a great invention.  He spend lots of time at this window getting the perfect arrangement.
Reading was high on his list of activities.  He is a vehicle man.  He has several books with lot of pictures of all kinds of vehicles.  He loves to stand by you as you read to him.
Peppa the Pig is my new love.  If you don't know who Peppa the Pig (snort) is please go to youtube now and watch a clip.  I spoke with a British accent for many hours.
Mr W loves to eat.  What a great gift that was.
Gpapa had meetings pop up on Monday so he couldn't stay the whole day with us but he came home between them.  Below W is telling you that Gpapa is putting on his shoes so they can go to the park.
There go two of my favorite fellows.  W is talking the whole time.
Often he wanted me to sit in his room while he played.  This is one of his favorite toys.
John and Marisa were gone for 4 days.  At the end of the 4 days my bed was so welcoming.
How quickly do you forget all the tricks you learn as a mama?!?  How did I ever get anything done??  I forgot how dry your hands get from washing them so often.  I forgot how sweet and special is a warm baby straight from the bed.  I was thankful for the time that I could sit during naps.  Whoever coined the term 'babysitting' was not talking about any children I know!!!!

If you are a young mother and a friend of mine, I have prayed for your strength.  I forgot how exhausting this job is.    Please know the days are long but the years are so short.  Don't give up because sooner than you think, you may have the joy of taking care of your grandchild.  What a treat!  What a slice of heaven!  Thank you John and Marisa!

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Jessica said...

Where do you get gel gems? I think my John would like re-arranging them on our back door/window!


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