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Monday, February 4, 2013

January 3, must be Epcot!

 Tuesday we met for breakfast at the food court and then got on the bus for EPCOT.  Andrew guided us to get in several lines, side by side, once we got to EPCOT.  Then we all went into the park at the same time.

 I love the American Experience at the American Pavilion.  I got to hear the singers twice.  Loved that!
After lunch we went to Japan.  Aunt Elaine wanted to give all the girls a pearl from Japan.

 There were lots of folks there that day.  When it was our time, Andrew took the camera and got these shots.

 Here is Kaitlin picking her oyster.  The lady behind the counter then opened it for us.
 Aunt Elaine went first and got a beautiful blue pearl, then Kaitlin, me and then Aunt Frances.  What was funny was our pearl sizes went in that order too.  Aunt Elaine and Kaitlin's pearls were so large that they don't fit into the necklace that Aunt Elaine had given us.
 Aunt Elaine bought us all these beautiful necklaces of these carriages.  Below you will see my beautiful pearl inside my darling necklace.  What a clever gift!
We enjoyed riding Test Track, Soarin', Space Ship Earth, Mission to Mars- I rode the less intense!, and we ate a yummy meal in Mexico.  Great day!

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