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Friday, February 1, 2013

Where were you a month ago? I was headed to see Mickey!

Our first picture in Florida
This was where I was a month ago today!

 We planned our trip in July.  I was ready to see Mickey Mouse again.  Aunt Elaine wanted to go see Mickey during her 60th year of life.

I know lots of folks go to Disney but I do feel sorry for them.  We have a secret weapon.  We have a Disney Ninja aka Aunt Elaine.  She has this binder with times for certain meals and their menus and when to do this park or that plus anything else we would even ever want to know. We had the best trip!

Below is my favorite picture.  The magic is about to begin!
This was our motel

This was Robert's first time to meet Mickey.  Aunt Elaine got Robert two badges two wear.  One said that it was his birthday- his birthday was January 10th and the other said that it was his first time at Disney.  Robert had a great time wearing the badges plus he enjoyed all the Happy Birthdays too!
 There were 9 in our party.  Here are 4 of us.
 Here is the rest of us.
 Our first meal was a monorail ride away at the Polynesian Resort at 'Ohana's.  It was a wonderful family style meal.  This was Robert's first of many birthday celebrations.
 It was a great first taste of Disney.  We rode the monorail back to catch our bus to our motel.  January 2 we planned to meet at the bus stop at 8am ready to go to Hollywood Studios.

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