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Saturday, February 2, 2013

January 2, It must be Hollywood Studies!

Here we are running to ride Toy Story
The Toy Story ride was not working so we had our pictures made with these army men.

Uncle John
Andrew got Robert a part in the Back Lot Tour.  Robert didn't know what to expect and was a good sport plus a great actor!  That's Robert in the middle.
The Toy Story ride is one of my favorites.  It is very handicap friendly too.  We rode it several times!
The Star Wars ride has updated.  Very handicap friendly.
Aunt Elaine made our reservation for supper at Hollywood and Vine about 4.  Then we had a reserved section at Fantasmic, which is a fun Mickey light show and story.
We saw lots of characters

 Afterward we walked over to see Jennings Osborn's Christmas lights.  They are truly unbelievable.  It is very magical!

There are several hidden mickeys in the lights!

I remember when this was on his house here in Little Rock.

 After the lights we rode several more rides that are fun in the dark too like Tower of Terror.  Well, I should say that the we above is a collective we, I personally have NEVER ridden The Tower of Terror but Robert loved it.

We had a great, first full day.  This is our first trip using the meal plan.  Aunt Elaine got us a really good deal on it.  We enjoyed the ease of it.  We like to go the first week of January because the rates go down January 2 but it is still decorated for Christmas.  Near the end of our visit we could tell that the decorations were being taken down but we got to see them all up so that didn't bother us.  We never saw them taking down the decorations, I think Mickey and his friends did it while we were sleeping.  That Mickey is a magical fellow!

I wish I could remember all the things we laughed about during each of our days because that really makes the trip.  Just suffice to say we laughed a lot!!

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