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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Saturday January 5th- Magic Kingdom!

 Saturday was our first day at the Magic Kingdom.  I love this park and we saved it for last.
 Robert has his happy face on plus you can see his two fun buttons.
 Our group!
 Uncle John and I found Snitch while the rest of our group was riding Space Mountain.
 Andrew and Robert found us when they got off the ride!
 I could look at the castle all day long from every angle!
 Waiting in line.
 We had lunch with the Princesses in Cinderella's castle.  What fun that was!!!!  We met her first.  Kaitlin had on her necklace that I told you about from our day at EPCOT.  Cinderella noticed it and told Kaitlin she liked it!!!

 All the girls got wands and the boys got swords at lunch.  Robert and Andrew used theirs so much that I finally had to confiscate them.

 This is Kaitlin's favorite ride!  Robert and Uncle Charles were the only ones brave enough to ride with her.
 This is the new castle in Fantasyland.  It is Beast's castle.  You will see it more tomorrow.

 I love the castle anytime of the day!

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