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Thursday, February 7, 2013

January 6, Kaitlin meets Tangled!

 Sunday our group was much smaller.  Charles and Frances flew out after we had breakfast and Andrew left to go back home.  Aunt Elaine wanted to go to the new Fantasyland so off we went.  We loved it!  First we rode the Little Mermaid ride.  Very clever.  Will ride again.

 Next we were on our way to Enchanted Tales with Belle.  The line led us through Maurice's House, where Belle grew up.  That was so much fun!  There were lots of books, for Belle, of course!
 Here is a fun picture of Belle and her mama.
 Someone got to wear the 'how long in line' marker

Then this normal looking mirror started glowing green and then.....
 It grew and we walked through!!  So totally magical!
 This man then choose several folks from the crowd to help tell the story of Belle and the Beast
 We then walked through the doors and then Lumiere began talking to us, very cool!
 Then Belle came in and with the help of several folks from the crowd told the story of how saved the Beast.  When the story was over the folks that helped tell the story got their picture made with Belle.  Kaitlin didn't help but after she saw someone, who didn't help,  jump up to get their picture made with Belle, Kaitlin was right behind her.

 Uncle John and Robert sharing a laugh!
 Kaitlin also wanted to meet Tangled.  She was thrilled that Tangled and Merida were the same height as she is!  Most of the Princesses are much taller.

We ate lunch at the new Be Our Guest.  It was inside of Beast's castle.  Very clever way that you order and how they get the food to your table
 We ate inside the ballroom.  There were two other rooms, beasts room and another room from the castle.  The food was good and the experience was outstanding!
 What would a day at the Magic Kingdom be without a picture of the Cinderella's Castle
 Here is Kaitlin with Merida from Brave.
 Supper was Hoop-Dee-Doo Revue.
 We took a boat to the island that it is on.

 Our destination was Pioneer Hall!
 I loved the food and the show.  We were at table 11.  Uncle John was surprised we were so close to the stage.  He was also concerned that he would be pulled out of the crowd to be a part of the show.  He was so relieved that he was not picked!
 The show was funny!
 It was family style and we all ate til we were stuffed.
 I highly recommend this supper and show.  We laughed and laughed!
We left after the show and got back on our boat and headed back to Magic Kingdom and then our bus to Pop Century.  It was a great trip to see Mickey.  It did all our spirits good to be in such a fun place.

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