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Saturday, January 31, 2015

2015 resolutions

Yikes!  I better write down my 2015 resolutions before I get too far into the New Year!

My sweet mama would be 90 this year so to honor her I have set the goal of writing 90 letters and reading 90 books.  Those were two things she loved to do.

I would like to take 24 meals to folks this year.

I plan to have 12 gatherings at my house.  I have realized that I am neater and pitch more stuff out if I have folks over so here we go!

I hope to pray for each person on my church directory and each person on my Christmas card list twice this year.  

I hope to finish several counted cross stitch projects.  I also hope to not buy anymore until these are finished!

Scrapbook 2014 and 2015 plus finish John and Marisa's wedding album- they got married in 2010 :o

Memorize Colossians 3 and say it to my sister in law, Frances and my friend, Sue.

I hope to love those that God has given me with great intentionality.  

Stop seeking approval of others.

Consider the Lilies and not worry.

Look for acts of HESED.  I just read Pied Piper by Nevil Shute and this is a beautiful picture of it.

I love seeing your resolutions!!!!


JenniferB said...

I am memorizing Colossians 3 too!

JenniferB said...

I am memorizing Colossians 3 too!

fgpuckett said...

Hi Ellen, Love the resolutions, especially since they are so quantifiable! My vague resolution this year to to only by clothes that I absolutely can't live without. Hopefully I can cut down on buying items that I only wear once.

The Freemans said...

I love the idea of praying through your Christmas list! I've been trying to decide how to choose who to pray for each day, and I love that idea!


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