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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Last post from CHRISTMAS 2014.

This is my last post about our wonderful Christmas holiday.  We were on gone for the 12 days of Christmas.  It was such a blessings to see some much family.  I would even note that 2014 was a year of family because we saw some many several times.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch so to speak- It is great being in Atlanta because my brothers and their wives could often join us when we took a field trip. They joined us at Yeah! Burger. I had a hot dog!!! I know you are thinking What the What, it's Yeah burger. It was yummy!
After lunch we headed to IKEA. This was my maiden visit ! What an interesting place. For those who have never been, there is a path that you follow that leads you and 10,000 of your closest friends through every department. We were looking for a crib and dresser. At one point we had retrace our steps. I felt like one of those salmon swimming upstream!
As I look at all this grey hair on these three people, I am stunned. Here I am with my brothers and it seems like yesterday we were all at home with our dad and mama. We are seated in the bedding section at IKEA as we wait for baby bed decisions to be made.  
Here is the warehouse side of IKEA where you pick up your items. Andrew said that putting them together is like putting Lego together.
This cool tree grows outside of Andrew&Taylor's house.   Some sort of evergreen.  I'll have to get my tree book out!
We ate supper at Seasons 52. Charles and Frances enjoy eating here. It was very good!!!! Here is the dessert tray. I got some kind of chocolate yumminess.
We went to church on Sunday morning with Andrew and Taylor.
Taylor and I had to powder our noses and this is what I saw when I came out. Twins???
Holman and Finch was our lunch destination. Andrew ordered for us all. Here is our appetizer - deviled eggs three ways with bread and butter pickles , with japalino and with ham. So good!!!
Main course was wonderful burgers and fries. The wait for a table was 45 minutes. We sat in the bar. When we left the wait for the bar was also 45 minutes!  We kissed Mr Precious' parents goodbye and headed back to AR.

We saw a beautiful moon as we drove into LR on Monday morning. I thought we'd have the road to ourselves but lots of folks joined us.

 I would love to have all my children right down the street from me but I am enjoying all the new places to eat and shop and visit as they live in new places. Great CHRISTMAS 2014!!

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