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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Christmas in Arab

cousins and aunts and a sweet niece
 A few days before Christmas we got a text asking us to join lots of family in Arab, Alabama on December 26.  It took us about 2 minutes to formulate a plan of opening our presents early so we could leave on the 25.  We all enjoyed our mid day meal on the 25 at the Huddle House in Corinth, MS- that was the only place open and let me say they were doing a booming business and they were happy to serve us!

We made it to Ted and Tina's about 11am on the 26 after a fun night in a motel.  There were 31 of us for lunch.  We all brought sides or desserts and Ted and Tina had the rest.

I am blest with some great sisters in law.  I feel like I have been to a wonderful conference when we are together.  We talk about a millions subjects and never finish our discussion but I am always ready to continue the next time we are together.
Mrs. Monroe and Mrs Monroe and Mrs Monroe and Mrs Monroe
 Here are some of the menfolk sharing a laugh.
 This picture is one of the things I love about a big family- all the love.  Carl is holding his great niece, Miss Darling and Tina is holding her great niece, Miss Adorable.  These girls are two weeks apart in age.  I am hoping they will be best buds one day.
 Lots of visiting
 The whole group minus Mr Wonderful who was asleep
 5 of the 6 siblings were here.
 We got grandma in this picture.
I tried to get lots of family groups.

 This group looks up to no good

 This group really looks up to no good.
 Three of my favorite boys!  Mr Wonderful woke up and we got him in a few pictures.
We had a great time.  We are blest with a wonderful family.  I am looking forward to our next time together.

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