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Friday, January 16, 2015

Papa do list and food and fun

While we were in Atlanta I got to go to the doctor with Andrew and Taylor.  I got to hear Mr Precious' heartbeat.  I just cried.
We went to a Jerusalem bakery and had lunch one day.  Here is our humus and falafel.  I had a chicken shawarma wrap.  It was all really good.  What is so funny about us eating here is that Andrew picked it out and when he was growing up he was the pickiest eater know to man.  He ate a hamburger wherever we went and now he loves to eat all manner of food.  Sometimes I have to say to him that I need to eat something normal!!!!  My how our roles have changed.
High on Carl's list was painting two room.
This room required three coats of primer plus a few holes filled in too.
This is the largest cookie sheet I have ever seen.  The previous owners left it with the house because it fits in the stove.
More priming
and still more
Here is one of Andrew's top 3 desserts.  We celebrated New Year's Eve here.
Here is my artistic photo for Kaitlin of their back deck.
We watched lots of football.
We played Phase 10.  I hope we can get this game soon.  I loved it.  I was winning when we stopped.      

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