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Sunday, January 11, 2015

To Dallas and Chamblee and beyond!

My brother, John and his wife, Elaine, had the biggest CHRISTMAS tree this year. I loved seeing all their ornaments especially the ones from our tree when we were growing up.
Mr Wonderful missed us so we facetimed!
Elaine loves Mindy's art! Mindy is the artist that Kaitlin works for. Mindy and Elaine share a love of all things Disney!
Carl and I went to church with John and Elaine.
A selfie sitting on a bench at Perimeter Mall.
We had a fun supper with both my brothers and Andrew and Taylor. Here is our group. We had Christmas with them at Andrew and Taylor's.
A&T have a neat basement with a great area to exercise.  They exercised every morning.  I was impressed!
This is their backyard.  I just loved it.  I think Mr Precious will have a glorious time out there running.  I enjoyed watching all the birds.

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