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Friday, January 9, 2015

Christmas 2014 Part II

What you do in a motel when you didn't have a long nap and your grandparents are in charge!  Mr Wonderful wanted me to get on the cart. It was a fun ride up the hallway.
My nephew, William, with his beautiful daughter. Isn't she the cutest CHRISTMAS present ever!?!
Miss Adorable had some wonderful babysitters.
She loves her cousins!
I love the calm that is Great-Grandmother with all the seeming confusion behind her.
Tatum and her new doll rode with us to breakfast the following morning. We went to Dawn's Diner.
This is Tatum's plate. She got fried bologna with a biscuit and chocolate gravy! I got scrambled eggs, bacon and biscuit with chocolate gravy!! Yum yum.
Can you have dessert for breakfast ??? We did! This is a fried biscuit smothered in butter and honey. It was wonderful. After this yummy breakfast we headed to Atlanta. Thank you Ted and Tina for hosting this get together!!

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