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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Knowledge is Power

I love sports and as I home schooled my children I brought my love of sports into their schooling. Here are a few thoughts for those who have a sports loving child and you can use these whether you home school or not.

You will never have to teach the 7 times tables. They just know them from watching football games. So you can quiz them with their favorite teams and say "Parker, if the Cardinals score 3 touchdowns and miss one extra point, how many points do they have?"

Teach geography as they roll the names of teams off their tongue. Where are all the NFL teams cities located? Get a blank USA map and write them in. When March Madness gets here (this will begin this year on March 12 when the different tournaments start. The big dance starts on the 19th) get out your USA maps out and find out where the colleges and universities are located and put them on your map. Through out the year, they will hear these names again. I can just hear Gavin saying "Mama, isn't Marquette in Milwaukee?" They will get attached to a certain name that is fun to say. (Kaitlin still loves to roll Gonzaga off her tongue) Learn all you can about that school or who it is named after.

If you child loves baseball watch a few games of the College World Series. Almost all the teams that make it in are from warmer climates. why? teach them about the different weather across the USA. Those teams in colder climates don't have as long a season.

When your children are small, you need to find a neutral interest that you share with each of your children. When they are teenagers you will be able to go to this interest, when you cannot agree on anything and still communicate. Sports is a good interest to have then.

You can get blank USA maps at home school supply stores.

This was my way to teach my children about something I love but you have loves too. Find ways to teach your children those things.

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