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Friday, January 16, 2009

Orlando Part lll

Disney is just magical. We decided that on our next trip to only do Disney.

On Saturday we got up early, checked out of Universal and moved into Port Orleans.

As we made the transition from one motel to another, from one park to another, Kaitlin misplaced her phone. She checked the car and purse and needed to check in Uncle John's car. She called for Andrew to help her. The doorman at the motel heard her calling Andrew's name. He began calling Andrew's name too. She found her phone and the doorman greeted Andrew by name the rest to our visit. :)

Our first park was Hollywood Studios (not MGM anymore). We got our fast passes for Toy Story on our way to Tower of Terror and the Rockin Roller Coaster. UJ and I rode the bench while the group rode. After that we went to the Beauty and The Beast show.

Taylor was in charge of tickets and she and Andrew also picked out all our meals and made our reservations. They did a great job on both they tasks.

Our first Disney meal was at Prime Time. We love this restaurant. You are seated by your 'cousin' or 'brother'. 'Mama' is in the kitchen cooking your food. The food is good home cooking. You are seated at a fifties table with Formica everywhere. The other dinners in your room are your relatives, cousins from Indiana or wherever. No elbows on the table, no phones at the table, no tattling to name a few of the rules. Your 'brother' will make you stand up, if you violate a rule, while he has the rest of your family say 'Shame, shame, shame' If you are a repeat offender, you must stand with your nose on the wall or he'll give you away to another family or you must stand and sing 'I'm a little teapot'. When Uncle Charles realized that no phones at the table was a rule, he decided to call UJ and have him answer and get into trouble. The only problem with his plan was...he got caught calling UJ. We laughed so hard as UC was standing with his nose up to the wall. He vows revenge.

The toy story ride is fantastic. It is a arcade style ride, where you are trying to shoot your gun and rack up points by hitting and knocking things over. It is 3-D. I could have ridden this several times but the lines wouldn't let us.

We rode several rides and ended our day together at the Christmas lights. These lights are AMAZING. They are from Jennings Osborne from Little Rock, AR. We saw these lights when they were on his house before his neighbors took him to court over them. He donated them to Disney.

We rode our bus back to the motel and got our situated in our rooms. Carl, Andrew,Kaitlin, John and Marisa went back to the park at 9:30 and rode Toy Story again and the Rockin Roller Coaster.


hazel said...

y'all are the funroes and if i could fit the word energy in your name, i'd do that somehow, too!

this comment might not make sense right now. (i commented earlier or later in your blog about your name.....don't remember which.)

Anonymous said...

Regarding the alleged cell phone incident at the Prime Time cafe, I feel that I was the innocent victim of selective persecution and serious tattletaling. And yes, Andrew, I am going to get you . . . and your little dog, too!
Uncle Charles


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