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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Let's start at the very beginning, a very good place to start

We have been on vacation and it was a wonderful vacation and I should start at the beginning but I must start on our way home.

The stomach virus and a 12 hour drive home don't go well together. I am speaking from experience.

I woke up at Andrew and Taylor's house at 5:00am on Tuesday and my first thought was, whoa, I am getting too old to go and go and go. My head and tummy didn't feel too great but my spirit was soaring so off we went. We opened the Chickfila in Tifton at 6:30. After a quick breakfast we told Andrew and Taylor and John and Elaine good by.

Now fast forward to 2:00pm. We are now at a motel in Tupelo, MS. It was either the fourth time I had to completely change all my clothes or the pouring rain so that every time I got sick in the car, Kaitlin and Marisa gagged and couldn't roll down the window to get a breath, that made for the stop.

Carl has nerves of steel. He drove in the POURING RAIN while he handed me bags to throw-up in as he had to move over three lanes of traffic to get me to a bathroom. During this he calmly said to John " Hand your mother something else, son, the bag is now leaking." He never raised his voice or lost his cool. I knew he would take care of me.

We checked into a wonderful motel and I got in a wonderful bed. It wasn't moving and that helped a great deal. John, Marisa and Carl went to a laundromat so I would have clothes to wear and Kaitlin stayed to be my nurse. She put lotion on my feet and got me cool wash cloths for my head. Carl stayed with me while John, Marisa and Kaitlin went to eat supper with Chris. I was sad not to have a visit with him but thankful that he could get J, M and K out of the sick room for awhile.

Blessing that we saw from our day on the road. No one was ever in any bathroom that we stopped at along the road. The motel in Tupelo had two rooms ready at 2 in the afternoon. Because of the rain the motel room was dark and I fell right to sleep. I was the only one at the time with the virus- notice I said at the time, we all have it now.

I plan to tell you all about our trip when I can sit up for awhile, until then it is off to sip some more ice chips


Nicholas Stehle said...

I'm sorry to hear that you were sick and your ride home was so terrible, but it's great to see that example of a patient, godly husband/father in Carl. You and your children are very blessed indeed. :)

fgpuckett said...

Oh wow... that must have been an ordeal!

kathy b said...

Oh man, it just breaks my heart to think of how awful that trip home must have been. I'm so glad it didn't rob you of any time at Disney though. Get better quick, my friend!

hazel said...

now that deserves a BIG OY VAY!!!!!!!!

how patient and helpful your fam was to you. good for you to count your blessings at the end of your blog post. i'm sorry you weren't the only one ill......yuckers.


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