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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Orlando lV

This is a picture of us from Hollywood Studios. We wore our 'ears' every morning and had our picture made in them. How fun.

It is hard to believe that two weeks ago today we were in the magical world of the Magic Kingdom. We left our motel early so we could be at the park and see the train pull into the station and all the characters get off and welcome me (okay us and several thousand others) to the park for the day.

We got in and hurried to Space Mountain. I got two rides on this ride because Carl was pushing the wheelchair at this point and we went right inside. Carl still had on his sunglasses and couldn't see where he was pushing me. I became well acquainted with the wall as we made our way through the line. When he realized how much he was bumping me into the wall, he gave the pushing over to John.

We then went to Buzz Lightyear and then onto Splash Mountain. Uncle Charles and Aunt Frances left us at this point to catch their flight back to Atlanta. Their flight was so delayed that they ended up staying at the airport until that evening. They didn't get home til around midnight. I wish they could have been with us longer.

One of the best one liners from the trip came about this time in the day when the riding group went to ride Big Thunder Mountain. Andrew tried to convince UJ to ride with them. UJ said " No, I'll ride Big Thunder Bench" We all enjoyed that!

One ride that UJ will ride is Pirates of the Caribbean. Pirates is a boat ride mostly in the dark. Taylor rode next to UJ. UJ is an interactive rider with a running conversation the whole ride. He is saying things like " Oh my, they're shooting at us now." "That big drop is going to do us in." Pirates has a small and I mean very small drop. It is somewhat like the slope in your bathtub. UJ talked so much about the DROP that when the slight slope happened, Taylor asked Andrew when the drop was going to happen. She laughed out loud when she found out it had just happened.

We had lunch at Crystal Palace. It was a wonderful lunch and I highly recommend it. Lots of fruits and veggies plus Tigger, Piglet, Eeyore and Winnie. They came around while we were eating and stayed long enough for us to get lots of pictures.
We had a WAR EAGLE moment. A couple saw that John and Carl had on AUBURN clothes and came by to say WAR EAGLE. This was the day after alabama got beat like a drum by UTAH. The couple said that they were sitting by some alabama fans but resisted the urge to say 'GO UTES'
Aunt Elaine has the knowledge of all things Disney. She is a fantastic resource to have. She directed us where to be so that we could see the light parade and the fireworks and not have to move. We set up shop in front of the Christmas tree and spread out our stuff. We took turns going to get supper and just stretching our legs. The light parade was amazing. Mary Poppins came over and shook my hand as she walked down the street. How cool! Below is the castle during the light show. It takes your breath away. We held our spot and watched the fireworks. I don't like the loud noise of the fireworks so we were in a perfect spot to see and not be bothered by the LOUDNESS.

As we were walking out Kaitlin asked UJ if he wanted to come back to Magic Kingdom next year? He said " Sure, but Aunt Elaine wants to come back next week."

We had this picture made early in the day but I thought it was fitting for the last picture.

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fgpuckett said...

I wish I could have been on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride... and sat next to UJ!


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