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Monday, October 11, 2010

bye mom

John and Marisa have an apartment now. They have been blest with lots of furniture. John didn't have to work today so he has spent the day moving. He made several trips this morning and after class Robert joined him to help with the heavier furniture.
John used all his bags, backpacks and several suitcases to get all his clothes and things gathered together.
I know my job is to send all the birds out of the nest but it is still hard. John has been home full time since May and he is ready to spread his wings, but it is still hard. I am excited for this new phase of his life and even mine, as we readjust to 'new normal' around here.

I will miss sharing the little bits of life with John that happen with the day in and day out living together. I have two more months to share day to day life with Marisa before she joins John.

I don't think John realized the gravity of the situation as he left with his last load. I know he is excited but I had to quickly find a place to sit down. There goes my baby, now a grown man, but he will always be my baby.The days seem long but the years are so short, very short indeed.

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