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Monday, October 25, 2010

I am about to die, quick, give me chocolate

We had a Muffin Mixer with the ladies of the church this past Saturday. What is a Muffin Mixer, you may ask, well, it a wonderful time with muffins and visiting.

EmilyR was in charge of 'gatherings' for the women in the church for the last few and she started these. LauraL is in charge and kudos to her for a job well done! We met at a home for a brunch of muffins, coffee and juice- this time we had egg casseroles and fruit too! After everyone was gathered we were put into groups by numbers and symbols that were on our name tags. My first group were the leafs.

This is a picture of us gathered around a table with our wonderful food.

Of course there were muffins.
The best ones there, in my opinion, were made by Mandy. I'll try to get the recipe. They were amazing. They had walnuts and cranberries in them.
Here is the muffin maker herself, Mandy with Brandi.
Here is a group discussing things like: beach or mountains, what do you see when you look out your kitchen window or were you named after anyone?

This was my second group. When asked if we had a teen heart throb... one lady said that David Cassidy was hers. When it got to me I said that mine was Donny Osmond. Sonya, who had been very quiet up to this point, heartily agreed with me!! Another question was if you could have unlimited quantities of one food, what would it be? The answers were cheesecake, chocolate, seafood and the such. When it got to Mary Ann, she shared the her husband suffers from migraines when he eats chocolate. He has asked Mary Ann to carry chocolate in her purse so if they are ever in a situation when he has just a few minutes to live, he wants her to put the chocolate in his mouth!!!! We are laughed about that.

Kris shared her testimony.
There was lots of laughter.A good time was had by all. If you missed it, you missed a good time and I hope you will be at the next one.

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