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Friday, November 26, 2010

Call me before 1:30

I love college football. I love the traditions and the rivalries. I think the SEC is the best conference.

I generally don't trash talk but folks love to trash talk me. Carl says that I bring it on myself ;) I have had folks call and snort like a hog on my answering machine, not wait on me in stores because I was wearing an AUBURN tee shirt and one of my all time favorites- a lady (?) stuck her tongue out at me because my team beat her team. Oh, well.

Today the game of the season for AUBURN is at 1:30. You can text me but don't call during the game, I'll be a nervous wreck. I doubt I'll be watching the game more like skirting around the edges of the rooms where the game is on.

I'll probably be texting Andrew during the game, asking if I should be still be nervous or if at some time I can relax. I'll probably talk to my brother, John, after the game. He'll talk over the game with me.

For those who don't love AUBURN like I do, the pictures below are of Cam Newton and Nick Fairly. One plays offense and the other defense. One is the quarterback for AUBURN and the other makes the opposing teams quarterbacks very nervous.
I have my AUBURN crocs on and an ORANGE and BLUE scarf. I think I am ready for the game.


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The Freeman Club said...

War Eagle! The Gillespie family was worried about you throughout the game. Excited about the win! On to the National Championship!


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