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Thursday, November 18, 2010

A month!!!!

Breath in and breath out. I am saying that to myself! Stay calm. Breath in and breath out.
One Month!!
I can't believe it!
I keep telling myself that the goal of this is for John and Marisa to have a long wonderful marriage not a perfect wedding day. Besides, if it is a perfect day, where will all my stories come from!?!
I am blest with wonderful friends who are helping me do things, some of which, I didn't even realize til now, needed to be done.

Here are Marisa and Nicole talking about the wedding day. Nicole is the wedding director at our church and she is wonderful. She is very calm and listened to everything Marisa said and then gently guided her to all the decisions that had to be made.

Here is Papa at the post office with the invitations!The final count down is on...

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