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Saturday, November 27, 2010

War Cam Eagle!


I was worn slap out after yesterday's game. I was in the room when the game started and on Twitter. I knew that the alabama fans threw play money at Cam Newton when he entered the stadium, pleazeeee. alabama came to play and AUBURN couldn't buy a break. When the flag was thrown on Nick Fairly after he sacked the alabama qb, I was out of here and got a lawn chair to enjoy the beauty of my yard.

I came back in just before the half. AUBURN was showing just a little bit of life. I stayed to watch. I think I'll need to watch the game again so I can really enjoy the win. I talked to my brother, John, after the game. He turned the game off about the same time I walked out. He heard about a minute before I called that AUBURN won. He recorded the game and now knew he could watch and enjoy it.

Twitter is lots of fun especially during a sporting event. From twitter I knew that alabama played 'Take the Money and Run' when AUBURN took the field. When Cam Newton flew over the top of the defenders to get a first down when it was fourth and inches, twitter lit up with tweets. My favorite was Roll CAM Roll!

Here are some of my favorite tweets from the evening-

Do you know what Greg McElroy and I have in common? Neither of us is a Rhodes Scholar.

In case you were wondering, all the folks from Lee County that weren't at the game are at Toomer's Corner.

Think about it this way alabama fans, you only have to hear about this for 364 more days -

Andrew went to AUBURN to greet the players as they arrived back home after the win. He called me on his way there because he was so excited and wanted to share that with me! I can't wait to hear all about that today.

Today I plan to watch the razorbacks play lsu. It will be a great game because I don't have a vested interest in the game so I can just enjoy it. I need a day of calm football watching. My heart needs a rest.

War Eagle!

I have all manner of AUBURN clothes on today, bring it on!!


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