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Friday, November 5, 2010

A thousand words or a picture? Ask Elizabeth!

Isn't that just beautiful?!?

Our friend, ElizabethT, asked Kaitlin to take a few pictures of her house in the spring. Her azaleas were just beautiful. Elizabeth also said that she loved having a picture of her previous house and planned to make one of Kaitlin's pictures bigger and hang it on the wall. That gave Kaitlin an idea, why not have her friend, Ross, do one of his fancy, on the computer, amazing pictures of Elizabeth's house. He does outstanding work. When we got it we thought, oh, we'll wait and give it to her on her birthday in December. HA! That thought lasted about 5 seconds. We couldn't wait.

On Tuesday as soon as Kaitlin was finished with her lab she met me at Elizabeth's house. Here is Elizabeth just smiling but her curiosity is about to kill her, her gift is under my blue raincoat in front of her. She watched me walk into her house with it and couldn't figure out for the life of her what I had.

Pretty nifty! To say that Elizabeth loved it would be an understatement. How fun it to be a part of giving. God's timing was perfect, as always, Elizabeth had had a very sad day the day before and this gift helped lift her spirits.


Evelyn said...

Not only a beautiful picture but a beautiful gesture to add such joy to a beautiful well-deserving lady. Cheers!

Remnant07 said...

I just love your heart. Jesus just never ceases to amaze me in and through you! I remember a day, years ago, when I was Elizabeth, holding pictures and an album of my boys. I still tear up and have to swallow a lump in my throat every time I look at them...or even remember the experience (gulp)! What a precious friend you are to all of us!


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