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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What is six months after your birthday? Your half-birthday!

Today is Andrew and Marisa's Half Birthday. And a beautiful day here in Arkansas it is. When Andrew lived at home, November 17th meant a day filled with NO school for anyone, movies that Andrew chose, outside play and his supper of choice, usually lasagna. The movie of choice for many years was The Longest Day.

For some reason Marisa didn't celebrate half-birthdays til she started living with us. Who knew?

I asked Andrew and Marisa what movie would they pick if they could stay home with me today and enjoy their half birthday. Andrew picked The Emperors Club and Marisa pick all the Harry Potter movies (she is excited about seeing the new HP movie that comes out on Friday).

I celebrated their half-birthday by eating breakfast at Mimi's with Kaitlin. I had a coupon for buy one breakfast get one free just for today. I think now I may watch The Longest Day. I got attached to it by watching it for some many years.

28 1/2 and 22 1/2. Wow, they are sure getting old :)

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