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Friday, December 17, 2010

The day before the day before

It started with this fine group. This is about 7 Am on Thursday at Mimi's
A good breakfast is always a good thing. We then headed to the church to set up for the rehearsal dinner except...

we found that the men who were putting down new floors in the fellowship hall, a- weren't finished, b-had all their trash in the fellowship, c-the guy who was to have all the chairs cleaned wasn't done and wasn't there.

I sat down, took about 7000 deep breaths, started saying to myself "If this is the worse thing that happens this weekend, we will be ok". Pastor Tim must have seen the look on my face as did Carl because they sprang into action. They talked to the workmen and they made a plan.

They fellowship hall was as clean as they could get it, with the workmen still there, then Carl, Kaitlin, Bri and I moved on to the sanctuary. We turned this...

Into this.
We did have lots of laughs. Here are the girls helping Carl move some boom mikes

then back to the fellowship hall where my blessed friends were cooking for Friday night. Here is Barb making a strawberry cake. Kimt and Sandy were busy behind her.
Then off to the Christmas party for Carl's company. Here is Carl posing with a group that helped plan this years get together.
Carl was employee number 34 and now there are close to 500. I stood up where I had been sitting and took pictures of the tables on either side of me.
Very cool!

These girls, wow, I can't say enough. They sure worked hard as did Robert and John. Here there at the one point in the day when they sat down and they were still working.
We went to KimT's to get the dress.
Her house is so fun to see during Christmas.
I forgot to take a picture of the office party that Carl and I went to after we took the dress back to the church. It was at Stacy's house. Lots of wonderful fellowship. During that time Kaitlin and Bri picked up Uncle John and Aunt Elaine at their motel and took them to the Purple Cow where they met up with Aunt Marian and Alan.
Afterwards we went to see John and Marisa's apartment. I took this picture because of all the coffee that they have. Some of you may be getting some of it for Christmas????I slept so well last night. I was worn out. I know the folks that helped were too!

More pictures soon!

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