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Friday, December 10, 2010

What do the experts know?

I am cleaning off my desk.

It will/has taken days.

It is like a treasure hunt!

My favorite find to date is The College Football Preview dated August 27, 2010. Here are some highlights
AP preseason top 25- alabama, ohio state, boise state, florida, texas, tcu, ok, nebraska, iowa, va tech are the top 10. The SEC schools in the rest of the top 25 are arkansas at 17, lsu at 21, AUBURN at 22 and georgia at 23.

The odds for AUBURN to won the BCS title game were/are 125:1 ohio state were 6:1 and oregon were/are 50:1

Top players in the SEC were Mark Ingram and Dont'a Hightower both for alabama.

The team proposed to win the East was florida and the West-alabama. The game between to two of them was a 'game you shouldn't miss' on October 2nd. The teams that won were south carolina in the East and AUBURN in the West.

Top Heisman prospects were Mark Ingram, Noel Devine, AJ Green, LaMichael James and Case Keenum. No where is Cam Newton's name.

It is interesting how things played out in the season. I love college football and am sad that the season is drawing to a close. We are getting ready to do our bowl pick 'ems. It is just for bragging rights. Reading the old newspaper and seeing what the 'experts' picked let's me know that I know about as much as they do, I knew AUBURN could go this far!

Stay tuned to see who wins.

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