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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Wedding Randomness

I have some what recovered, maybe.

Here are some random pictures with a few of the stories that go along. I don't have all the pictures on my computer so I don't have the full story in pictures yet but soon!!!!

Here is the newest member of an exclusive club. We all married into this crazy family. Sarah, Esther, me Marisa, Grandma, Taylor, Renee and Tina.

Here is my sister in law, Renee. She is tying a handkerchief bonnet on Marisa's bouquet. My mother made this for John when he was baptized. It is a handkerchief that belonged to my daddy with lace from my wedding dress. It is her something old and something blue.

This is my friend, Linda. She and her husband flew down to document the wedding. I can't wait to see the video she took of Sandy and KimT when they curled my hair using a broken curling iron just before I was seated.
My brother, John, shown here holding the door open so the photography could get a picture of the amazing dress.
Here is sweet Taylor. She didn't have the handkerchief on her bouquet when she got married because I forgot to bring it to the church but she did carry it for this wedding.
Here are all the women that were born into this crazy family, they didn't have a choice. They were teasing us about choosing to join the group
One story about 'our group'. The florist was to have the flowers at the church before pictures which were at 10 am. She got there about 9:45am and had to hustle. She was stunned with all the people already there. She asked my friend, Sandy, if the wedding was still at 1? Sandy told her it was. The florist asked why so many of the congregation was already there. Sandy told her that that was John's family. There were 40 of us. What a blessing to have that kind of support.

More soon...

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