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Sunday, December 26, 2010

My Christmas list

December 26th
I can't believe it.
I am sad that the Christmas music on Directv has already been turned off. I like to wean myself off of Christmas music. Christmas music is one of the things that 'makes it' Christmas for me.
What makes it Christmas for you?
I was listening to the radio one morning early in December and they asked their listeners to call, text or email them what one thing makes it Christmas for them.
This got me to thinking.
I don't think just one thing 'makes it' Christmas for me. I have a list. It helped me to think about my list. Some years, it just doesn't feel like Christmas and I never knew why. I think it was because 'things' didn't get done and I didn't realize how important they were to me.

Here is my list in no particular order.

1) Smelling citrus fruit. My mother always put out oranges on the coffee table during the holidays. When I smell them, I am in my living room in Birmingham and I can see our tree. Taylor loves to eat grapefruits. Each time she ate one the smell was wonderful. If you see me eating a cutie, I smell it deeply first.

2) Baking cookies and breads and making fudge. I love seeing the tupperware containers stacked up with the products of our labor in them. I love the kitchen with my measuring cups and flour and other special ingredients all over.

3) Getting the tree. Ahhh the wonderful smell of fresh evergreen.

4) Decorating the house. I love decorations all over the house.

5) Christmas lights in and around our house. Carl has Christmas lights up in my room so that I go to sleep by Christmas light. I love that!

6) Christmas cards. I love getting them and sending them. I plan to start writing my tomorrow. I didn't want them to compete with Andrew and Taylor's visit.

7) Having Carl home more. I love having him here for day to day life.

8) Getting up before anyone else in the morning, turning on the Christmas tree and sitting in the dark to bask in it's glow. It is magic to me.

9) Laughing with Kaitlin about who is going to put up the next part of our Advent Calendar. She tries to put up baby Jesus every single day and I have to be on top of her to keep him off til the 24th.

10) driving around and looking at Christmas lights.

11) hearing Isaiah 9:6 And His name shall be called Wonderful Counsellor, Mighty God, The Everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace

12) singing Christmas Hymns in church

13) going to a few Christmas parties

14) giving gifts

15) being with family

16) watching bowl games

17) hearing Christmas songs on the radio

This year every thing on my list was done and then some. Some years the list has to be changed. Sometimes life gets in the way.

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas season. I hope everything on your list has been seen, felt, smelled or done.

Care to share what is on your list?

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