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Saturday, December 4, 2010

turkey and ham and leftovers, oh my!

A few posts back, I told you about winning a ham and a turkey. Here is what arrived at my house on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. I was stunned at how big the boxes were.I had no idea what to expect. They came frozen and in ice chests. We started the thawing process and we ate.
We had turkey sandwiches on Thanksgiving Day and then turkey for our big meal that night. We had leftovers on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. We sent leftovers home with Mary Jean, who joined us for Thanksgiving evening dinner. We had ham and potatoes and then ham fried rice. We had fried ham sandwiches plus all we ate of the ham and the turkey as it was being fixed. And the 'we' is Carl, Ellen, Kaitlin, John, Marisa, Kaelyn, Robert and JenniferW.
After we ate all that this is what was left over.
I sent out a few text messages to ask if anyone, especially those who went away for Thanksgiving, if they needed some leftovers. Sandy, Julie, Cheryl and Peggy all said "YES!" I packed up the car and went to deliver their bags and containers of wonderfulness. Before I left, I got out enough turkey for my last sandwich-it was probably my 6th! White bread, mayo, salt, jellied cranberry sauce and turkey. It really doesn't get too much better than this.
It was very cool to me that even with all we ate there were still lots of leftovers so that we could pass on the blessing on to others. Thank you Park Wife for your contest. We serve a great God.

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Transforming Julie said...

We loved the ham! Had a great ham dinner one night and, our favorite, ham and cheese scones for breakfast. Thanks for dinner and breakfast.


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